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FasTest® Compressed Gas Connection Tools are the preferred method to increase productivity at Fill Plants.We offer a wide array of Connection Tools to fit most industry valve standards and gas types.They are designed for durability, lasting many years in fill plant environments.

Compressed Gas


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We have been filling high purity cylinders with FasTest’s HPG580 connectors for approximately 2 years. They have performed flawlessly over 1,500 times and our fillers love them.

Produce More Cylinders

FasTest® Connection Tools enable Fill Plants to improve flow and process more fill cycles per day, generating significant revenue in return.

Reduce Repetitive Motion Injuries

Easy-to-use one hand operation, eliminate the painful twisting motions of standard fittings.

Safely Connect in Seconds

FasTest’s ergonomic tools instantly attach to cylinder valves in a smooth one handed motion. Easily achieve a 90% time savings while securing pigtails to the cylinder.

Connect to Global Valve Standards

CGA | NF | DINN | BS | and More


Argon | Nitrogen | Helium | Oxygen | Mixed Gases | Air | and More

Safety First

Multiple safety features are included in every tool, including pressure assisted sealing technology.

48 hr Lead Time

Many products ship within 48 hours to maintain uptime of all fill points.

ROI in Months, Not Years

Connection Tools pay for themselves multiple times over throughout their lifecycle.

Standard & Custom

Off-the-shelf and custom Connectors available for unique applications.

Palettized Fill Heads

Industrial Fill Racks

Medical Oxygen Racks

Specialty Gas Filling Systems

Connection Tools for Compressed Gas Filling

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