Connection Tools for Leak & Functional Testing

We offer an extensive line of Connection Tools to leak test Electric Vehicle components, steering systems, intake/exhaust components, fuel systems,
battery systems, cooling systems, transmissions, brake systems, washer systems, climate control components, and more.

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Safe & Reliable Leak-
Tight Connections

Ergonomic designs reduce stress injuries and improve manufacturing productivity. FasTest® Connectors create perfect connections to any
type of automotive testing application.

Reduce High Pressure Test Connection Time

Designed for high volume production testing with test pressures up to 10,000 psi (689 bar).

Increase Throughput

Connect and seal instantly. Test more, quicker.

Eliminate thread damage, sealant, and wrenches

Easy-to-use Connector operation - no wrenches, tape or sealants for a leak tight seal.

Available with ICON™ - Intelligent Connection Technology

Improve sealing connection accuracy, maximize efficiency, and optimize maintenance.

Engine Package

All the Connectors for Your Test. Improve Efficiency, Test Consistently.
FasTest Connectors for Better Engine System Tests.
Improve Efficiency, Test Consistently.

Complete Connector
System Provider

All the Connectors for your application - achieve consistent sealing and reduce testing variation.

Work with our experienced engineers to solve testing and connection problems. Let your engineers work on your products and leave Sealing Connection Tools to us.

Reduce testing variation with a complete package of FasTest Sealing Connection Tools.

Improve takt time with ICON™ - Intelligent Connection Tools with SURE SEAL™ eliminates false failures.

Reduce product scrap and damage from poorly designed testing tools.


EV Components | Steering Systems | Intake/Exhaust Components | Fuel Systems | Cooling Systems | Transmissions | Brake Systems | Washer Systems | Climate Control Components

Extensive Product Offering

Industry's most extensive line of Connectors for Automotive & Vehicle System testing.

Quality Designs

Highest quality products for your testing process.

Intelligent Technology

Innovative ICON™ technology to improve testing safety and efficiency.

Standard & Custom

Off-the-shelf and custom Connectors available for unique applications.

Electric Vehicles

Cars | Light Vehicles

Heavy Trucks

Off-Road Vehicles

Connection Tools for Automotive & Vehicle Systems

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